Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We See the World in a Different Light

Mike Reno (of Loverboy), Anne Murray, Gordon Lightfoot, Neil Young and Bryan Adams once sang on the same single -- "Tears are Not Enough," a charity single from the Canadian version of USA for Africa called Northern Lights. Dan Hill ("Sometimes When We Touch), Joni Mitchell, Corey Hart and a bunch of others are in there too.

We Were Doubly Blessed

That's really two women performing with Meat Loaf in the "Paradise By the Dashboard Light" video. You see Karla DeVito, who toured with Meat Loaf. Later, she married Robby Benson after the two met doing "The Pirates of Penzance" on Broadway.

But ... DeVito is lipsynching. You hear Ellen Foley, who is both the woman Mick Jones wrote about in "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" and the actress who played Billie on the first season of "Night Court." Here's an iffy recording of Foley on stage in 2006 with the Meat Loaf cover band, Anything for Loaf.