Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Downtown Orlando Bars

So, a couple new bars are moving into the downtown Orlando block that used to be home to Scruffy Murphy's before it moved to College Park and a wig shop moved to who knows where. Not just yet - lots of sawdust, but peek through the windows at Washington and Orange and you'll see a lot of construction going down.

The Washington St. side has the most work done ...

The bar looks to be in the same spot as Scruffy's back room, but the sign on the glass promises ELIXIR BAR ROOM & HASH HOUSE. (So, food and drink then.) Not much info online. Elixir hasn't tweeted yet, and its only follower is the company that designed that logo, but if you want to be a bartender, server or barback, ganeshe@aol.com wants your resume (and photo!)

More on the Orange Ave side of the corner when I get a little more info.

Links Fixed

Hey, it seems that if you ignore your blog for a year, some of the links die.  All the videos should be up and running again.  For no good reason - other than it's boss and keen - here's an '80s deep cut, Don Dixon's "Praying Mantis."

Monday, July 30, 2012

Music Video Cameos #4

Technically, it's more of a starring role than a cameo if you do all the lip synching while the singer does her best to look pouty and not giggle. Here's Fiona Apple, proving she's got a hell of a sense of humor about herself, and Zach Galifianakis with "Not About Love."

One Eleven Wine and Champagne Bar

I just walked past Orlando's KEL Building, just a block or so from Lake Eola, and spotted the sign for a soon-to-open wine and champagne bar.

The bare-bones website for One Eleven Wine and Champagne Bar promises a multitude of craft beers as well and champagne happy hour from 5-7 pm. Let's hope the brown paper comes off the windows soon and we can get a look at the changes made since this was a Tastings wine bar.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

(Not) Greatest Hits

Back when a performer had to fit all his/her Greatest Hits onto a single LP, it was easy to explain leaving off the lesser Top 40 singles. Now, with CD sets and digital downloads, it's interesting to see what songs artists would like you to forget.

This one made it on some Elton John collections, but not the latest, most "complete" set.

One more -- "Aeroplane" made it on the RHCP greatest hits DVD, but not the CD.