Monday, August 27, 2012

'90s Hits You Never Hear Today (Part 2)

Fastball's first charting hit, "The Way," made it to #4 in the US - even though the story has an older couple wandering away from their broken-down car and finding a path paved in gold where they never get old. (OK, they died and went to heaven.) The band's third charting song, "Out of My Head," made it to #20, saving the band from being remembered as one-hit wonders.

That forgotten middle song, only making it to #86, is 1998's "Fire Escape." Shot in (what looks like) one continuous take, the camera follows a woman who has (spoiler alert) killed all three band members and left them laying around the house. And MTV somehow didn't eat that up...

The three original members still tour, mostly near their Texas homebase. Here's "The Way" from 2007.

I never noticed it before, but a YouTube comment on the live cut says "The Way" sounds an awful lot like "Besame Mucho." I do believe that anonymous critic, howling in the electronic wilderness, has a point.

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