Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Beer Spotlight: Deviant Dale’s IPA

Yep, craft beer in a can. Think about it … no one complains that draft beer comes in that giant aluminum can called a keg. Cans keep out the sunlight, so beer doesn’t skunk. It weighs less than a bottle, so it ships cheaper. No one’s going to start a barfight by swinging an empty can at your forehead. Everyone wins.

Colorado’s Oskar Blues Brewery was the earliest of adopters, canning Dale’s Pale Ale in 2002. The brewery added a newer, faster, canning line earlier this year, one that could also handle 16-ounce tallboy cans. The first beer off the line was Deviant Dale's, a dry-hopped version with 8% alc.

Popping the tab and drinking straight from the can, it’s powerfully piney with a floral vibe at the edges and a flicker of anise at the finish. The malt is more assertive than last Sunday’s review, but with all these bitter hops, you need that sweetness.

Pouring the other half into a pint glass, Deviant Dale’s is a reddish-orange with a good half-inch of white foam. It’s a few degrees warmer now, so the malt and “heat” from the alcohol are more forward. It’s right on the edge of heaviness, but doesn’t cross the line. Powerful, but balanced.

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