Monday, August 6, 2012

Watch out for the Cookie Crook

In case you hadn't noticed, Oreos now have this pulltab. Instead of ripping into the end with your teeth like the good old days, you peel back the cover, grab a cookie, and stick it shut again.

Seems someone helped themselves to a few of my cookies before I even bought them. To be fair, there are tiny little allegedly-visible strips that break away when you (or a damned Oreo thief) open the pack. They jump right out at you in that top picture, right? I didn't spot it and neither did the cashier. Bleach has more obvious tamper-resistant packaging.

Sure, it'll be easy to take these defiled Oreos back for a new bag -- just something to watch for on your next cookie spree. By the way, the new limited edition Oreo flavor is Creamsicle. I tried one from a friend's bag. With the yellow cookie and the orange-vanilla filling, it's kinda like the old St. Joseph Children's Aspirin and animal crackers ... in a good way.

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