Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Beer Spotlight: Two Women Lager

New Glarus Brewing doesn’t distribute outside its home state of Wisconsin, so if you’re a transplanted Floridian like me, you need a connection. In my case, it’s a brother who’ll wrap single bottles of four different New Glarus brews in bubble wrap. (Hi, Bob!) I’ll get to Spotted Cow, Moon Man, and Fat Squirrel in the coming weeks. For now, they taunt me from the top shelf of the Kenmore.

Two Women Lager gets its name from New Glarus Brewing Company’s Founder Deb Carey and Co-President of Weyermann Malting (in Bamberg, Germany) Sabine Weyermann.

As far back as ancient Mesopotamia and up through colonial America, brewing was often the responsibility of women. Men mostly took over as brewing moved from the home and the village to an international industrial process.

Two Women pours the color of coppery cream soda with a tight white head and an aroma of bready malts. The mouthfeel is rich, but not thick. I taste an apple essence (some folks call it “grassy’) or maybe it’s lactic. Not sour really, just a brightness to put an edge on the malt and cooked grain. I also get a faint, faint hoppy bit of bitter – just barely there.

New Glarus sells this “classic country lager” year ‘round. While I would guess its origins are based in autumn brews, Two Women is light enough for summer and sturdy enough for winter … and I’m talking Wisconsin winter. If you've got Wisconsinite family, tell them to get busy with the bubble wrap.

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