Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday Beer Spotlight: Scaldis Noël

So, this is Christmas … and I’m visiting Mom in Iowa. This particular bottle of Scaldis Noël made it from Belgian brewer Brasserie Dubuisson to Florida (Thanks, Bryan!) to here in the snowy Midwest in my checked baggage. In Europe, this beer is sold under the name “Bush” instead of “Scaldis,” but methinks someone in the USA already owns a very similar trademark.

The label calls Noël Scaldis “a brilliant red amber ale” and the brewery’s website promises a beer made just for the Christmas season with only four ingredients - hops, malt, candy sugar (big crystals of table sugar), and water. A wintery brew, Scaldis Noël also has an alcohol content of 12 percent.

On the pour, this holiday beer has a large light-tan head. Beneath that, a clear, coppery, almost-orange brew with a malty aroma that also has some hoppy fruitiness.

I’m splitting this 11.2 ounce bottle with Mom … who asks if I’m calling her “Mom” in this review or using her actual name. So, Rosemary says the beer tastes like maraschino cherry, which I hadn’t been able to nail down more specifically that “fruity.” Expanding on that, I’ll say Scaldis Noël has the almond essence of a liqueur, caramel sweet with a lot of alcohol heat too.

Says Rosemary – It’s like a dessert to me it’s so sweet, but it does feel like a holiday drink.  John now – I’ll back that up. The sweetness and high alcohol content make it unlikely you’ll drink more than one Scaldis Noël in an evening, but it’s warming on a cold Midwest night and feels Christmas-y without being a novelty.

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