Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Beer Spotlight: Peppers and Dandelions

It’s a two-fer this week …

Billy’s Chilies Beer is from Twisted Pine Brewing in Boulder, Colorado – the same folks who make Ghost Face Killah, another pepper-spiked beer that I wrote about here. Billy’s Chilies is milder, but still includes five peppers: anaheim, fresno, serrano, jalapeño, and habanero.

Billy’s is an unfiltered wheat beer that pours a cloudy, pale peach. There’s definitely that “green” aroma of peppers, like say in a queso dip. After a couple healthy pulls off the glass, I get a little heat at the back of the throat. After a couple more, it’s lingering on the roof of my mouth. If you can handle Flamin' Hot Cheetos, you can surely handle Billy’s Chilies. That said, there’s not any beer flavor here. Fun to try, but doesn’t demand a second bottle.

And ...

Pistil Dandelion Ale from Vermont’s Magic Hat Brewing is called a “summer ale” on the website, but is only in release from January to March, so go figure. According to the video, Pistil started as part of a variety pack and has now apparently earned the right to be sold in solo sixers.

As I understand, Pistil is unfiltered, but my glass looks clear and straw-yellow. I can definitely smell the hops but if there’s such a thing as dandelion whiff, it’s subliminal here.

That first sip hits you with a sharp/bitter note that’s unusual but not unpleasant. At first, the lemony hops made me think sour, but after a couple more sips, it’s more astringent than puckering. I’ve lopped the heads off countless dandelions while mowing the lawn. I suspect that once summer actually gets here, Pistil would make a good lawnmower beer.

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