Sunday, April 13, 2014

Matt’s Burning Rosids Beer Review

Stone Brewing, of Escondido, CA, named this new beer in memory of Matthew Courtright, a brewer who died last year when a forklift rolled over at the brewery. Matt co-created the recipe, a saison (10.5% ALC) made with malt smoked over cherrywood. “Rosid” is the huge family of plants that also includes everything from peanuts to roses.

On the pour into a pint glass, , it’s an ever-so-slightly cloudy amber with a half-inch of  fading foam. Saisons are often yeasty and fruity, but this one’s sweeter at the end that you’d expect from that brew. The smoke doesn’t hit hard, but instead complements the banana-and-clove notes from the yeast.

As the glass warms, I get more smoke in both the aroma and flavor. The finish is actually very clean and bright – almost peachy – considering the smoke, sweetness, and high alcohol content. At $8 for a pint plus 6 oz. bottle at Total Wine, it’s worth a try as a salute to a young guy who liked to stretch what a beer could be.

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