Sunday, June 29, 2014

Newcastle Bombshell Beer Review

Heading into the week of July 4, I’ve got a few beers on deck to try – Abita Seersucker, Flying Fish Exit 4, The one that’s been waiting the longest is Newcastle Bombshell, another in the seasonal releases from the folks best known for their Brown Ale. Bombshell is only scheduled to be available until the end of July, so here we go.

Bombshell is a blonde ale with a retro pin-up girl on the label and a relatively-low alcohol content (4.4%) – both positioning it for summer drinking. It’s pale yellow in the pint glass with a bit of skunky funk (brown bottle, so it’s not UV damage) and cereal malt.

On first sip, it’s got a bit of sharpness and yeast, almost like a sourdough bread. Carbonation is low, so it’s easy drinking. Nothing really lingers on the tongue, so it finishes clean and that next sip comes faster than a heavier, winter beer.

Bombshell is a brew you could spring on folks who drink nothing Bud Light and say they want to branch out, but never do. Fun, but when it disappears from shelves in August for the next seasonal (warewolf, maybe?),  you’ll be OK waiting until April 2015 for its return.


  1. I have only ever had their brown ale, and its not that great. If I see this one in a loose, make your own six pack setting, I may have to pick one up, not sure I would buy a sixer

  2. I'm not much on any brown ales, but this is at least worth a try.