Sunday, June 8, 2014

Rogue Beard Beer Review

See that smiling guy in the photo up there? He’s Rogue Ale’s Brewmaster John Maier and the yeast in this beer was originally found living in his beard. Yeah, that's pretty damn gross, but all yeast is damn gross if you really think about it – eating sugar and peeing out alcohol. Then again, where would modern civilization be without yeast? Probably without a headache Sunday morning.

John’s been brewing beer since 1978 and hasn’t shaved once in that time. That means John and beard have been around 36 years of yeast. Maybe a little something literally rubbed off. Stop wincing! I’m the one who’s got to drink this thing.

Beard Beer pours just a little cloudy, a dim yellow-orange. The aroma is a little boozy with the banana whiff of a hefeweizen. You can tell it’s a wild yeast because it’s throwing off all kinds of flavors you don’t expect in a commercial beer – pepper, canned peaches, a tongue-coating bit of tart, and a yeasty funk. Overall, it’s really not unpleasant – more malt and yeast than hops and no lasting aftertaste.

I’ve tried Beard Beer. Kinda liked it. Now, I don’t have to do it again … for a while, at least.


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