Sunday, November 23, 2014

Accumulation White IPA Beer Review

For the hoppy holidays, New Belgium Brewing Company (the Fat Tire folks) has brought back a White India Pale Ale. Whites aren’t traditionally hopped, but it almost makes sense since hops are associated with that piney Christmas tree bitterness. Sriracha, bacon, and hoppy beers … when American tastes latch onto something, we hold tight.

Accumulation White India Pale Ale pours a clear, straw yellow with definite aromas of citrusy hops and just a little grain. The flavor is definitely hoppy too, but as much lime or grapefruit as pine. It’s crisp, but not as bitter as full-on IPAs can be to newbies.

If you like hoppy beers and IPAs, you’ll probably like this. If you don’t, Accumulation is a little less harsh, but isn’t likely to change your mind. It’s a nice switch-up from Sierra Nevada or Sam Adams Rebel IPA, but I’m also OK that Accumulation is only around once a year.

Bonus video content! Here's a New Belgium video about pairing Accumulation with enchiladas and avocado margaritas. Yep, pairing beer with hooch!

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